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Proposed Commanders Pitch Sends Packers Pro Bowler for Draft Picks

The talk of the offseason will be surrounded by who the Washington Commanders draft with the No. 2 pick. There’s a chance that they trade up for the No. 1 pick, but either way, the focus is on who the next quarterback will be. Rightfully so, as the franchise needs to find their guy. However, the defense needs to improve and they have a decision to make on Jonathan Allen and others who have expressed their frustration with the team. If traded, the Green Bay Packers could use a player of his caliber, writes David Kenyon of Bleacher Report.

Jonathan Allen, Washington Commanders, Green Bay Packers

Kenyon proposes a trade that would send Jonathan Allen for a 2024 second-round pick (No. 41) and a 2024 fifth-round pick (No. 168). The Packers would improve their defense while the Commanders add two more draft picks in this year’s draft.

“Despite the team’s surprise playoff bid, Green Bay’s defensive line lacked bite for much of 2023. Four different teams rushed for 200-plus yards on the Packers, which is just miserable.

“Flipping a second-round pick for Allen—an immediate, unquestioned upgrade—would be a sensible move rather than hoping a Day 2 pick quickly pans out. Green Bay has quarterback Jordan Love in a low-cost contract and can open the needed cap space for Allen by moving on from oft-injured lineman David Bahktiari.”

Jonathan Allen Has Voiced His Frustration With the Commanders

Allen has been in trade talks in the early part of the offseason due to his comments about his future with the Washington Commanders.

With head coach Dan Quinn being a defensive-minded head coach, perhaps Allen can put the past behind him and be willing to grow with the Commanders. However, going to a team like the Green Bay Packers could make more sense for him if he ends up getting traded given he’d have a chance to win now.

Allen expressed his frustration on “The Sports Junkies” podcast, he spoke about his future in Washington.

“One thousand percent. I mean, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. I play this game to win, and I would love to win here for sure, but I want to win first and foremost,” Allen said. “That’s always going to be at the front and center of my mind and everything I’m going to be doing in my career is going to make sure I’ll have an opportunity to win.”

His frustration is warranted given the lack of success and ownership issues the Commanders have faced during his career.

Commanders Must Make Allen Happy

While Allen has his right to ask for a trade just as every other player in the NFL does, he’s someone the Washington Commanders need to make happy.

This was the worst defensive team in football last season, allowing more than 30 points per game. No matter who they draft, allowing 30 points per game won’t lead to success, even if they find prime Tom Brady.

He decided to sign an extension, and he recognized that, adding the following on the podcast appearance.

“I’m not jealous because it was my decision to sign back here, so I don’t have buyers’ remorse,” Allen said. “I’m a firm believer of when you make a decision, you make it and you don’t look back, you move forward. And I mean, I’ve made two Pro Bowls with this team and signed the contract of my dreams, so to say I’m jealous would be a little bit silly on my part because I’ve been truly blessed in this league. But, I do want to win, and everything I’m doing for me and my family is gonna be to try to win.”

The Green Bay Packers and others will be interested in the Pro Bowlers’ services, but the Commanders need him to buy in as they look to improve this defense.

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