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Charvarius Ward Underwent Surgery for an Undisclosed Injury

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Charvarius Ward is not only an All-Pro on the field, but an All-Pro at withholding information.

Charvarius Ward Underwent Surgery for an Undisclosed Injury

Ward revealed on Thursday via Instagram that he underwent surgery for an undisclosed injury. There was never any indication that Ward was hurt from the Super Bowl nor that he was playing through it going into it. So, Ward has kept that injury to himself since he was always fully active at practice.

Whatever his injury was and when he sustained it will be a mystery until he speaks to the media again, and that’s even if he actually discloses it. However, there may be a hint as to what exactly Ward got mended. In his Instagram post, the location where Ward had surgery is revealed as “Vincera Institute” which a simple google search shows that they specialize in core injuries (h/t to Jeff Mueller).

It is likely that Ward dealt with a core injury, but again, it will never be known until he says or someone on the 49ers confirms it. Either way, the fact that he was playing with an injury to any extent is a testament to his toughness. As a matter of fact, it is a testament to all of the 49ers players’ toughness.

Ward played through an injury, Arik Armstead did, Javon Hargrave did, Deebo Samuel did, and it wouldn’t surprise me if George Kittle was too. Remember, Kittle left for a little while in the Super Bowl and came back. It just goes to show much it really means to these players.

In Ward’s case, thankfully it isn’t anything significant.

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