Former Browns QB Johnny Manziel revealed Jim O’Neil was a part of his downfall in Cleveland - Sport News

Former Browns QB Johnny Manziel revealed Jim O’Neil was a part of his downfall in Cleveland

Anytime Johnny Manziel sits down for an extended interview, you just know some Cleveland Browns talk is going to come about.

In a recent sit-down with Shannon Sharpe on the Club Shay Shay podcast, Manziel detailed what looks to be one of the final straws for his time in Cleveland in 2015.

“I’m upstairs where the coach’s offices are in Cleveland and I walk by Jimmy O’Neil’s office and he’s like, ‘Hey Johnny come in here for a sec’,” Manziel explained.

What happens next is likely not what Manziel needed to hear. It may have seemed a little unexpected as well since it came from the defensive coordinator. Jim O’Neil lasted in Cleveland for two seasons, 2014-2015.

Former Browns QB Johnny Manziel revealed Jim O’Neil was a part of his downfall in Cleveland

“He’s sitting back at his desk and he’s kind of got his foot up. He goes, ‘You’d be a really good football player if you got your head out of your as*’.”

Manziel played in nine games in 2015 and made six starts. He had a record of 2-4 and threw seven touchdowns to five interceptions.

“I’m like so caught off guard and now this confidence that I’m building is immediately just … I don’t know if he meant it in a way or you’re 2-12 and your team is struggling and you’re looking for a way to vent,” Manziel said.

The veteran in the quarterback room at the time was Josh McCown and according to Manziel, he didn’t take kindly to what happened.

“Josh McCown gets up out of his seat and walks straight up to that fu*king office,” Manziel explained. “Now, what was said I don’t know exactly what it is but when he came back in that room he was pi*sed.”

Manziel started this happened in Week 13 or 14, which was not far from his final game with the team.

“From there I didn’t give a fu*k. I didn’t care about that team, I didn’t care what my role was. There’s no excuse, all of these things led up to be the perfect failure, and at the end of the day, it’s on my shoulders. But when you’re starting to get a little momentum and you get broken like that, that’s when the running to Vegas happens and me missing the last game of the season.”

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